Our Timeline

Our History


  • The inaugural meeting of the association was held on May 29, 1945 at the Red Mill Theatre, the one time “Deutches Heim” Club on James Street North in Hamilton.
  • On March 19, 1946 the first elected executive composed of Al Cripps, Nat Davidson, Wm. Parkinson, Joe Narcotte and Al Campbell was formed.
  • On December 1, 1946 the club moved to rented quarters over the corner of James and Vine Street in Hamilton, “the old Commercial Club”.
  • On February 4, 1947 a Public House License was obtained and the club was in business on a daily basis.
  • On May 20, 1949 George Arthur Wells, the provincial secretary issued official letters of patent for the Hamilton Air Force Association for the following purposes and objectives: (see Our Objectives below)
  • In 1950, the property on James Street North was sold and on May 1st the club moved to the third floor of the building at the corner of Main and Walnut Streets. Many happy years were spent at the Main Street location but as time past members felt that climbing three flights of stairs was too much so another move was planned.  
  • After much searching, a lot was purchased at the current location at 128 King Street East in Dundas. 
  • In April of 1959 Captain David Goldberg D.F.C. “the club attorney” and Lem Hawkins “President” turned the first sod.  
  • Members volunteered their time and talents for the united goal of getting the building erected and on June 10, 1960 the club opened with an informal party for all concerned.
  • The club soon outgrew the original facilities and an addition comprising the kitchen, west entrance and re-location of the front entrance was undertaken in 1976. In 1988, a patio was added off the dining room.
  • March 1976 saw the arrival of the T-33 Jet Trainer, Memorial. It was flown in from CFB Camp Borden by Chinook helicopter and mounted on its pedestal in the parking lot.
  • Originally a “men's only” club for RCAF veterans, the association has evolved over time reflecting the needs of the organization. Social memberships were introduced in 1973, and one social member was elected a seat on the executive. It was not until 1985 that social members could hold any position on the executive and in 1989 full membership privileges were approved for women.
  • Although the association has changed over the past 60 years it is still dedicated to the principles of the founding members. We are still foremost a veteran’s organization having a genuine concern for the memory of those who served in Canada’s armed forces and who made the supreme sacrifice on our behalf. 


Our Objectives

The Hamilton Air Force Association is a Veterans Service Club first established in 1946 with the following purposes and objectives:

A) To operate and constitute a club for the members of the Corporation being members and former members of the Armed Forces of the British Common-wealth of Nations and their Allies.

B) To promote fellowship and esprit de corps among the members of the Corporation.

C) To do all such other things as are necessary or conducive to the attainment of the mentioned objectives: and

D) To see to the maintenance and comfort of those who require special treatment, of the disabled, sick, aged and needy, and to promote the welfare of all underprivileged children, and to assist any and all public bodies in all charitable activities not-withstanding race, colour or creed.