Rental Regulations

Additional Information

1. All bookings require a deposit made up of...

a.) Booking deposit to reserve function date. Applied to rental contract if event proceeds, or refunded if cancelled more than 60 days in advance of event. If cancelled within 60 days the deposit is forfeited.

b.) Damage/failure to comply deposit to be paid 7 days previous to event, is refundable and will be returned 3 - 7 days following the function, if no damages.

HAFA reserves the right to deduct monetary compensation from, but not limited to, the deposit, for damages to the real property, furnishings, supplies or equipment. Failure to comply with Hall Regulations may result in loss of all, or part, of the deposit at HAFA’s sole discretion and could also lead to closing the bar and / or legal penalties. Client agrees to pay for any damages in excess of the damage deposit. Client agrees to reimburse HAFA within three (3) days following presentation of an itemized invoice for damage repairs.


2. Full payment is due 7 days previous to the function, by cash or cheque.


4. NO SMOKING: CITY OF HAMILTON - BY-LAW 02-054  (1st offence $1,000)

5. Unauthorized use of HAFA equipment may forfeit deposit, as may, smoking in prohibited areas and alcohol consumption outside.

6. Garbage / Cleanup: Excess cleanup costs will be charged. The Client agrees to place all garbage / recycling in the bags or containers provided and clear tables, chairs, counters, and floors of debris at the completion of the event. HAFA staff will be responsible for sweeping and mopping the floor, garbage removal and cleaning tables prior to and after the rental. 


7. The Client accepts responsibility for the conduct of his or her guests and must be in attendance for the entire event. No sub-renting is permitted. No persons under the age of majority (19) will be served alcohol. Identification must be provided upon request. Children must be kept under control. Smoking within the building or drinking outside, could lead to the closing of the bar and deposit forfeiture.

8. The Client shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the event is carried on in a safe and orderly manner and ensure the safety of all people attending, or working at the event.


9. HAFA assumes no responsibility for personal injury or damage, or for lost or stolen articles of the Client, or anyone attending the function. The Client consents and agrees to indemnify and save harmless HAFA, in respect to all claims, demands, actions, suits and costs arising out of any act or omission of the Client and / or servant, agent or employee of the Client or arising out of the use of the said facility by the Client.

10. All alcohol must have L.C.B.O. stickers on the bottles. (No U.S. or duty free alcohol is permitted on premises), as well, all outside liquor is to be accompanied by a liquor license at time of drop off.

11. HAFA bartenders MUST be used. They have the authority to close the bar, if warranted.

12. Bar closes at 1:00 a.m. Club to be vacated by 2:00 a.m.

13. No confetti, rice, glitter, sparkles, etc are permitted.

14. No bar shooters or Jell-o Shooters of ANY kind are permitted.

15. Kitchen is to be left as found (please clean up).

16. Decorating – Painters tape or “blue tack” a putty-like substance only (NO “Scotch” tape, pins, tacks or staples. No tape on hall floor).

17. All equipment, decorations, food, etc to be removed immediately after the event. 

18. If Client holds non-licensed raffles, they are solely responsible for any fines incurred. No alcohol is to be given as a prize. Gift cards are acceptable.

19. Liquor Board of Ontario, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, Ontario Fire Regulations and Safety Codes and HAFA By-Laws govern the premises

20. Hall capacity 214. Seating approximately 150.

If you have any questions regarding rental of the hall please contact: Rhonda Klyne – Banquet Hall Coordinator, (905) 628-6697, or Email:

Please print and initial all pages that you have read and understand the Hall Rental Regulations.

By signing ... you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Hall Rental. 


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